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Just Cloud

Overall Rating55555
Ease of Use 55555
Value for Price55555
Storage Space 55555
Security 55555
Loading Speed55555

Just Cloud has one of the fastest and easiest installations available with a cloud backup service, making it one of the very best choices available.  They have so many little extras, like features that make using a cloud backup service easier to use than ever before.  With such a great overall package it is no surprise that Just Cloud is taking the cloud storage market by storm.

Starting with Just Cloud takes no more a simple one-click download straight from their website.  Set up an account with a username and password of your choice and you are on your way to one of the most secure cloud storage programs available today.

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Just Cloud is also lacking the expensive price tags that some other companies are charging.  Just because you don’t pay a lot doesn’t meant that you won’t be receiving all of the most requested features and an easy to use program.  Everything is laid out in the interface so that it flows smoothly and makes sense.  You will never have to worry about hunting down specific buttons or links; they are all exactly where you think they should be.

One of the favorite features that Just Cloud offers, which may be surprising to some people, is the mobile file sharing.  This means that no matter where you are, or what kind of internet capable device you are using, you will still have access to all of the files stored within Just Cloud.  Laptops of course can support this, as well as tablet PCs and smartphones.  If you are someone that travels a great deal for business, this is a feature that you cannot live without.  You no longer need to stay tied down to your computer at home or the office; take it all with you.
There are a lot of aspects of Just Cloud that many other popular cloud storage companies cannot match.  They don’t have a restrictive limit on the size of files you can store, and the mobile access is also a huge plus, seeing how it can be used anywhere on the globe as long as there is a connection to the internet available.  The drag and drop method is one that is already very well known and doesn’t require any additional training.  There is a search box to help you locate files quickly too, if you cannot remember where they are stored.

Just cloud scores very high whenever it is rated against its peers, and it also comes with exceptional customer service to resolve any issue you may be having in a very timely manner.

Zip Cloud

Overall Rating55555
Ease of Use 44444
Value for Price44444
Storage Space 44444
Security 44444
Loading Speed44444

Zip Cloud is a simple option for anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to provide backup for all of their computers and digital devices.  Backup storage isn’t just for Mac’s and PC’s; it can also be used for many mobile devices as well, like tablet computers and smartphones.  Zip Cloud will provide you with secure transferring of files and complete automation to eliminate any extra steps after installation.

They also do not have restrictions on file size, type, or the number of files providing you with an unlimited amount of storage space.  The initial upload will take the longest, since after that all the program does is repeatedly save your work to make sure that you always have the most up to date version.  Zip Cloud provides an all over great service and product, and the support staff are equally as wonderful.

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Overall Rating33333
Ease of Use 44444
Value for Price33333
Storage Space 33333
Security 44444
Loading Speed33333

Mozy has only been around since 2005 when it was started by EMC.  Since that time they have signed up over 3 million customers, with more than 70,000 of those being businesses and corporations.  Their data centers store more than 70 petabytes of information all over the globe,  and they have SAS 70 type II certification available as well.

Mozy allows you to control how the files are backed up a little more than with other companies, which is a very nice feeling.  While speed wasn’t really monitored when uploading files, how it affected other machines was, and this was very minor.  Overall, Mozy is a great little company when it comes to backing up files and systems online.

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